Teckwah Profile

Specializing in the flexible packaging industry

Wuxi Teckwah is a subsidiary of Teckwah Industrial Corporation Pte Ltd. It was established in 1994 and specialized in flexible packaging.

We are equipped with advanced printing and packaging machinery and facilities offering domestic and international well-known food and non-food manufacturers flexible packaging products and services.

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Our information management

ERP System

ERP system enables us to provide customers with accurate information of inventory location quickly. Accurate information is at the fingertips. We can make better planning and reduce unnecessary high inventory levels, which will also save costs for both sides.

MES System

MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the production process execution system. Monitor the whole production process from the incoming of raw materials to the warehousing of products. Record process data for traceability and data analysis.

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The company has a standardized workshop and medicine bag workshop. There are specially assigned personnel to store cabinets and change rooms in the workshop. The internal equipment is displayed neatly, and the workshop operation is automatic.

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Safe storage area of personal belongings in the workshop
Locker Room
Wind drenching area