Xishan District: strengthen the "protective chain" of air pollution control and continuously improve the quality of air environment

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Doing a good job in the prevention and control of air pollution is not only the goal and task of fighting the tough battle of pollution prevention and control, but also the inevitable requirement of continuously improving environmental quality. To this end, Xishan District continues to promote the in-depth governance of enterprises in key industries, the monitoring and supervision of R & D smart platforms, and the implementation of 24-hour round the clock inspection and supervision, so as to comprehensively strengthen the "protective chain" of Xishan atmospheric control.

Wuxi Dehua color printing and packaging Co., Ltd., located in Ehu Town, Xishan District, has comprehensively promoted the prevention and control of VOC pollution in the whole process in recent years and effectively reduced VOC emissions. The company invested more than 20 million yuan in 2017 and introduced a set of RT0 incineration organic waste gas treatment facility with adsorption and concentration runner. The exhaust pipes of all printing production lines of the company are all connected to the VOC treatment facilities, and the VOCs are decomposed into carbon dioxide and water through high-temperature incineration.

Hong Yibin, general manager of Wuxi Dehua color printing and packaging Co., Ltd

When we don't have this equipment, we emit about 120 tons (volatile organic compounds). The current situation is to reduce more than 100 tons, and now the emission is less than 20 tons, so we can achieve more than 90% of the treatment effect.

On the integrated environmental management platform in the new materials Industrial Park of Xishan Economic Development Zone, volatile organic compounds and PM2 5. PM10 and other air quality index indicators are displayed on the system screen in real time. It is understood that the new material industrial park of Xishan Economic Development Zone is the only "Chemical Industrial Park" reserved in Wuxi City. In order to improve the air quality indicators of chemical enterprise concentration areas, the "comprehensive environmental management platform" specially developed by Nanjing University environmental planning and Design Institute Co., Ltd. was officially launched in February this year.

Pan Minfeng, director of Park Management Office of new material industrial park in Xishan Economic and Technological Development Zone

The whole detection system platform integrates 2 Atmospheric national standard stations, 2 characteristic factor stations and 64 air micro stations. At present, there are 26 monitoring points of characteristic pollution factors of waste gas at the enterprise boundary. Once the monitoring data is found abnormal, our on duty personnel will timely notify the relevant enterprises, find out the source of the data abnormality at the first time, and then accurately solve the problem of data abnormality that may exist in the enterprise.

In addition to strengthening the environmental monitoring of the enterprise park, Xishan District also comprehensively promoted the grid monitoring system. Last year, seven automatic ambient air monitoring stations such as Donggang station, Xibei station and dongbeitang station were built, and the networking with Wuxi automatic environmental quality monitoring platform was completed in 2019, taking the lead in becoming an administrative region with full coverage of air early warning monitoring network towns. At present, Xishan District has formed a "protective chain" of atmospheric management and control linked by standard raising, governance, monitoring and monitoring, which has laid a solid foundation for achieving stable and up to standard atmospheric quality in the district.