Du Xiaogang: fight the tough battle of pollution prevention and control with a higher position, more practical measures and a higher level

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On the afternoon of February 20, mayor Du Xiaogang went to Liangxi district and Xishan District to conduct field research on pollution prevention and control.

Du Xiaogang stressed that all localities and departments should deeply study and implement the idea of ecological civilization, adhere to the problem orientation, highlight the project, improve the system and mechanism, deepen the battle of pollution prevention and control with a higher position, more practical measures and higher level, and constantly promote the improvement of ecological environment quality in accordance with the deployment requirements of the provincial headquarters and the municipal Party committee.

Vice Mayor Li Qiufeng and municipal government Secretary General Zhang Lijun participated in the research.

"After raising the standard, what is the total scale of sewage treatment and the discharge standard?" "Are the sewage treatment plants in the main urban area interconnected?"

At Chengbei sewage treatment plant, Du Xiaogang inquired in detail about the progress of upgrading and reconstruction projects of Lucun, Chengbei and Taihu new town. Du Xiaogang affirmed that after the upgrading and transformation, the effluent standards of the three sewage treatment plants will be raised from level a to the latest db32 discharge standard in the province.

He stressed the need to strengthen work research and policy incentives, build a whole chain management from source water inflow, process disposal to standard discharge, and comprehensively improve work standards. At the same time, we should improve the system and mechanism, continue to increase investment in the construction of sewage pipe network, speed up the construction of sewage pipe network information system, and build the city's "one network" at a high level.

Subsequently, Du Xiaogang also came to the construction site of phase V project of Chengbei sewage treatment plant to check the project progress and understand the project construction and the construction planning of Chengbei sewage treatment plant II. He pointed out that ecological measures such as wetland tail water treatment should be actively adopted to build an ecological sewage treatment plant with high standards and high quality, so as to further promote the improvement of quality and efficiency of sewage treatment.

The construction of "beautiful rivers and lakes" is speeding up.

Relying on the implementation of the renovation project of Banqiao port area in Zhibang of Jiuli River, Xishan District is striving to build a dynamic Waterfront Park reflecting the profound cultural heritage of Yunlin.

In the park, Du Xiaogang stepped onto the pedestrian landscape bridge, leaned over to check the water quality of the river, looked around the landscape, and saw that there were many residential houses across the river bank. He said that as a waterfront park "at the door of the people's home", the project was well constructed and had more beneficial effects and demonstration significance. It should integrate the concept of sponge city and pay attention to the combination of leisure, culture, sports and other functions, Effectively enhance the public's feelings and sense of participation.

Enterprises are duty bound to fight a tough battle for pollution prevention and control.

In recent years, Wuxi Dehua color printing and packaging Co., Ltd. has actively responded to the call of environmental protection, invested more than 20 million yuan, introduced a set of RT0 incineration organic waste gas treatment facilities with adsorption and concentration runner, carried out negative pressure full closed collection and transformation of the workshop, realized the whole process control of organic waste gas, and became a benchmark enterprise in the rectification of organic waste gas industrial clusters in the city.

"The supply side structural reform points out the direction for the development of enterprises. We must increase investment in safety and environmental protection, strictly abide by the bottom line, and continuously improve the core competitiveness and product added value of enterprises through scientific and technological innovation, so as to achieve healthy and sustainable development." While encouraging enterprises to continue to be the benchmark of green development in the packaging and printing industry, Du Xiaogang urged the heads of relevant departments to speed up the establishment of the enterprise "green list" management system and increase special policy support for key enterprises; We should strengthen policy research and development, encourage financial institutions to actively research and develop financial products such as green credit, provide strong financial support for environmental protection technological transformation and green development, and effectively eliminate the worries of enterprises.

In the investigation, Du Xiaogang stressed that all relevant departments in all localities should resolutely implement the important instruction of the general secretary that "the quality of ecological environment can only be better and can not deteriorate", further enhance the sense of responsibility and urgency of fighting the tough battle of pollution prevention and control, and earnestly grasp the key and difficult work, so as to promote the continuous improvement of the quality of ecological environment in the city.